The Hidden Wiki

Hidden Wiki Fresh 2019

Six years ago, I had been pretty obsessed with researching and reviewing TOR onion sites. Unfortunately, it kinda slipped and I stopped. Today, I just thought that it might be a good idea to go back and check it out. Similar to my very first attempt at TOR, I went to the Hidden Wiki which I found by just googling it. I found this. Looked very different from the Hidden Wiki I knew before:

2017 Hidden Wiki

I did notice that this version of the Hidden Wiki was 2017. I searched a little more using TORCH, a TOR search engine and found another Hidden Wiki link:

TORCH Search Engine

I checked it out and it looked a bit more familiar. It was called the “Hidden Wiki Fresh 2019”. For anyone getting started with TOR onion sites, this is good starting point to start exploring. This TOR site has links to TOR search engines, Bitcoin, Anonymity services, Deep Web Marketplaces, Carding sites, Counterfeiting sites, Betting, Forums, and more:

Hidden Wiki Fresh 2019

Needless to say, please be careful when exploring. Though there are a lot of new Onion sites, the “dark web” hasn’t changed much. It’s still the “wild west of the internet”.

Please note that we do not in anyway, condone or support sites reviewed in this article and this is done only for research purposes only.