Forsaken – Fake IDs and Personal Data Generators

I stumbled upon this nifty little site that generates algorithmically correct (at least to the best of my knowledge) Personal Identification information.

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But before we proceed any further, I would just like to remind everyone that these are generated data. They are not real, as the author of the service highlights multiple times.. it does not produce information from actual issued documents.

The service can generate a whole plethora of information. Names, Birthdates, Emails, Plate Numbers, Car Model, Physical Appearance, even Personality.

The service can generate fake Credit Card numbers, SSNs, Passports and Drivers License.

It can also generate fake TINs and other tax numbers:

While going through the service, this ultimately led me to its corresponding clearnet site which has some more generator tools:

The clearnet site contained a couple more nifty things such as a Credit Card number generator:

And a Credit Card BIN number generator:

Of course, all of this is not new. But just goes to show how easy it is to create fake information. Just knowing the algorithms and having some programming skills (PHP at least for this service) goes a long way.

As always, we do not condone and support any of the site, services and motivation of the topic of this article. This article is primarily for research purposes only.