TOR Scams List

There are tons of market places and sites that sell pretty much anything under the sun in Onionland. But before you go spending your hard earned bitcoins, stop for a moment and think.

The “TOR Scam List” is a good site to get started with:


As the author points out, before you order or buy anything, take a minute and check the scam list. If the onion site or person is listed, then more than likely that person is about to steal your money and you should to think twice whether you want to lose your money.

Here are some of the links (among the many) the site has collected:

It should be noted that though, this is a good attempt at listing down scams, there are just too many of them in Onionland. Let’s help and identify scams, if you know one, submit it here:

As with all articles in this site, we do not condone or support any of the sites and services we review. This is strictly for research purposes only.