Darknet Casinos, Games and Betting Part 1 – Introduction

Note: This is for research purposes only. I do not engage, condone or support any of the services featured in this article. Nor am I affiliated with any of the said services. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors alone.

Online gaming, betting and casinos are fairly common in the clearnet. But there are a couple of interesting TOR hidden services in this area as well. In part 1, let’s do a quick introduction of what’s available by giving you some examples of whats out there. Each week we’ll focus on each of these services in more detail.

Online Casinos

Nothing new here. These are basically online gaming sites hosted in TOR (some have counterparts in clearnet). I do feel that most of these are either owned or operated by a single operator.

PHDCASINO.COM – There’s a clearnet versoin of this. This is the darknet version for those who are more privacy conscious. They have Casino games, Multiplayer games, Roulette, HD Slots, and Poker. There’s a betting and a “Play for Fun” mode. No registration required.
Online Shans – This one is in Russian. Lot’s of games and payment options.

Fixed Matches / Sportsbooks

There seems to be a lot of these here in the darknet. Basically they sell winning bets. Always be wary of these as most of them are scams. I would recommend to refrain from it altogether. But here’s one that may be interesting from a research perspective:

XMatches – What’s interesting about this is they provide a “Post Pay” option. Which means you can pay money after the match. This means that it is a “match for trust”. According to them, if you are not sure about them, you can try out this offer.
Bettor – A service that sells match scores. It’s subscription based (7 days of match scores).

BitCoin Games

There are variations of bitcoin gambling games. We’ll delve on this on a later post. There’s Bitcoin Same an Diff games as well as Lottery games among others. Lottery games were once a bit more prevalent but much less nowadays. Here’s some non-lottery games that you can check out:

Hidden Betcoin – A Bitcoin Same or Diff game.
The Riddle – Solve the riddle and get a bit coin. Probably a scam but entertaining.

Since this is a pretty large topic, we’ll go through each one in more detail. How the service works, the mechanics, payment schemes and the likes.